With the second anniversary of the Fall of Kabul approaching, thousands of Afghan refugees remain stuck in legal limbo

Posted on · The Houston area has taken in between 5,500 and 15,000 Afghan refugees since August 2021. Many of them are here as humanitarian parolees, without a clear path to citizenship. Their parole is set to expire within a matter of months.


Trans kids, families and advocates feel unsafe as Texas moves to ban gender-affirming care

Posted on · Gender-affirming health care is a large focus of this year’s legislative session, with bills like SB 14 that would ban care for minors in the state and penalize doctors offering this care. Families, trans youth and advocates share how it’s felt to live in Texas during this moment of uncertainty.

Energy & Environment

Initial Ike Dike funding could come through later this year

Posted on · The $34 billion project aims to protect the Houston area from hurricane storm surge. It's been approved by Congress, but still needs to get funded and key questions about how it would impact everything from ship navigation to the bay’s ecosystem will have to be answered before ground is broken.


Layoffs in Harris County elections offices may explain some 2022 voting problems

Posted on · Several Harris County polling locations ran out of ballot paper and had technical issues on Election Day. Some election judges of both parties blame staff layoffs and poor training of Election Day workers for making those problems worse. 


GOP election judges say Nov. 2022 ballot shortages were intentional. Months later, no evidence has surfaced backing them up

Posted on · A five-month investigation by Houston Public Media found there were problems with Harris County’s elections that stretched over multiple years under the leadership of both parties, but little evidence that those problems may have tilted election outcomes.